About me

I am a dancer

The dance is already in my body through memories from life and from lying in my mothers womb.

To open up  bodymemories and act it out by letting the inner landscape create a wordless form where my body is just a tool.

what is a body ? I don´t know ...but I want to explore....

what is dance? I don´t know... but I am curious....

My dance is born in the moment without premade ideas and choregrafi, instead I am trying to empty myself from sensations and listen how my body want to move because the dance is in my body all I had to do is let it out and not stand in the way for it´s expression.


2013 May "Broken " a solo dance , Gransjö Sweden

2013 June " Kaijja" a solo dance Västervik dance festival Sweden

2013 Aug " The pond" a solo dance Gamleby Sweden

2013 Aug " Broken flower " a solo dance at Festival dance directe , Reveillon France

2013 Nov "ZOO" a solo dance Butoh festival Tatwerk Berlin

2013 Nov " Nightmouth" 2 days solodance Västervik Sweden

2014 Feb " luftpuppan" a solo  dance Gamleby Sweden

2014 May " Tunkur Knivur" a solo dance Festival dance directe , Reveillon France

2014 April " beauty and the beast" a duo streetperformance together with Ania Psh Old city Stockholm

2014 July " The pond" a solo dance Gamleby Sweden

2014 sept " Luftpuppan " a solo dance Malmö museum of modern art Sweden

2014 Dec " Luftpuppan" a solo dance Vandalorum museum Värnamo Sweden

2015 April " coergraffiti" a groupperformance Tatwerk Berlin

2015 June " in and out space " a 3 days solodance Konstnärshuset Stockholm

2015 Aug " pink" a groupstreetperformance Montange au perche France

2016 May " The crow is calling from other side" A solo dance at festival dance directe Reveiiion, France

2016 June " "Empty River" a solo dance  at a dance festival Söderköping, Sweden

2016 June "In between the stars " a solo dance Lofta caffe Sweden

2016 Aug " Waterlilly " a solo dance Reveillon, France

2016 Sept " Warelilly" a solostreetperformance Malmö, Sweden

2016 Nov " The Rose " a solo dance Basel, Switzerland

2017 May "Red Velvet" a solo dance Berlin,Germany

2017 June " No time " a solo dance Gamleby ,Sweden

2017 June " Carpaccio" 2 days solo dance Berlin,Germany

2017 Sept "Empty room " a street performance together with Erato Trik Syros, Greece

2017 Nov "Redz" a solo dance Athen, Greece

2017Nov " The encouter" a street performance project together with Katerina Drakopoulou





















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